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I attempted to shoot myself when I found out I wasn't getting any of my parents' multi-millions, but they saw me and stopped me. Why?



Why did they stop me?

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    It is because you expected something without any regard to who was giving it to you the next thing you would want it all and might have shot them for it. They must love you to have stopped you from killing yourself. I hope you believe that.

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    Why what?  Why aren't you getting multi-millions?  Why did you attempt to shoot yourself?  Why'd your parents stop you?  You need to be more specific.

    Nonetheless, we can be sure that people choose to do things for their own, self-centered reasons.  That applies even to altruists.  Perhaps that clue will let you sort this all out.

    That is to say, your parents (for reasons that lie deep within their respective notions of who they each are, as people) felt that you might try to hurt yourself and that they couldn't be the sort of people who would allow that to happen to their son/daughter.  Failing to act to stop your suicide was inconsistent with who they each imagine themselves to be.  So they stopped you in order to maintain their own models of who they are.  They would explain, under deep interrogation, simply that they felt they HAD to - leaving you to your own devices was UNTHINKABLE.  So they acted in their own self-interest.

    That isn't to say they don't love you or want you to be healthy and happy.  Most humans naturally develop those feelings in the process of adapting to parenthood.  It's likely they would explain their actions in those terms.  It's also likely that you imagine their decision to exclude you from their fortune is an indication that they DON'T love you.  (That's not necessarily fact, it's quite LIKELY that it's not true.)  It would be a much safer bet that your parents love you, even if they don't have the first idea of how to express their affection and concern in a natural, spontaneous way.  (We're not all blessed with that ability.)

    Your challenge is to come to grips with the seeming contradiction between them loving you, and yet not giving you what you want.

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    1 month ago

    lol look at this **** can´t work for his money they probably didn't give you any because how much of a lazy failure you were. but again your parent probably are even millionaires and this is a shitpost either way your still a failure

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