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personal outter body question?

does the outter vagina area become enlarged with age or lack of sex for someone in their 30's? 

No I'm not speaking about the inside which is THE vagina. That's a discussion for a different day. 

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  • D_21
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    The genitals grow and develop with the body. What you have now will not look like it did when you were a child or a teen. The vulva (outer vag area) does NOT enlarge and just continue to grow by itself until death.

    If you are experiencing swelling, a growth, or something that seems possibly abnormal...I encourage you to see a doctor, specifically a gynecologist.

    Whether or not you are sexuality active doesn't really have an impact on the appearance of the vaginal area. I mean if you vaginally birth a baby or something, that might change things up a bit. That would be from Having sex though. Masturbating or engaging in sexual activity can influence hormones Some, but not enough to cause significant changes to physical appearance. (Again aside from say pregnancy, which obvious packs some big changes.)

    There's an exception to every rule. But in general the overall answer to your question is simply, No.

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