Help! I'm feeling stuck in between two women I hate?

Long story short, after having a massive stroke I was discharged to my Mother's house. Whom I've discovered (since recovering a lot more) is overbearing, controlling, and extremely lazy. She is the first woman I kind of hate. The second woman is a  devoted caregiver that has been with our family for quite a few years. She is very polite, overly critical of me,rude and  can essentially be a real witch(with a b) when my Mother is conveniently not around. Between the two of them I often get caught in the middle and  it's awful.  Ideally I'd like them both out of my life! It's beyond ridiculous the crap I deal with. 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Think about all the other people lining up to take care of you and how lost you would be without Mom and the caregiver.

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