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I don’t know what to do?!?

So I have this roommate and I honestly complain about her a lot but she’s a handful sometimes. I’m more introverted and she is really outgoing but has adhd and social anxiety at the same time so it’s weird af. We roomed together last year and now we have our own apartment because she wanted one. Obviously things are crazy because of COVID so everything is closed down and no more classes in person. So she has the car and lives an hour away and I literally live4 hours away from home. I’m always missing my family and sometimes I feel alone because she has her bf or her parents come visit her all the time and I don’t have anyone up here and like I said all my family is 4 hours away and I hate it. We have times where we go not speaking to each other. Like today She left and I found out through Snapchat that her boyfriend is down here again and she didn’t tell me! I’m a little pissed because she didn’t speak to me yesterday or anything.she’s normally a good friend and stuff but I feel like she uses that to her advantage and I don’t have anyone. She’s probably gonna bring him over and like I said she didn’t tell me ( she normally does )and I pay half the rent.I want to move back home so bad because like I said my classes are online and especially because she does **** like this but I don’t think I can break my lease and it will cause a lot of drama. What should I do? I don’t like staying here anymore

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    You need to talk to your landlord about the terms of your lease contract. It is likely you can break the lease early by paying some penalty. If you truly aren't happy staying at school anymore then the penalty sounds worth paying. With respect to your roommate, my understanding is that you probably feel like you are hanging on to a friendship that she is putting no effort to maintain. In which case you have to let go a little, after all she is still your roommate and isn't necessarily going anywhere. Going back home would be refreshing for you, but if your landlord won't let you off the hook, you should try to talk to and meet other students. If you were to make some new friendships it would likely make your stay more enjoyable. If you simply complain about your roommate I am sure at least one other student on campus can relate lmao. Best of wishes regardless

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    The problem is not her, but your isolation from your family.

    Now is not always 

    Hang on in there

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    I don't understand why you're having a melt down over your roommate's love life or her family situation?  

    Can't your family send you an airline or bus/train ticket so you can go visit them.  You need to work things out for yourself. And if you prefer it that your roommate asks you if it's ok that her boyfriend comes over to spend time, then let her know.  

    If you don't like your situation then it's time to do something to change it, or make it better for yourself.  If your classes are all online i don't see why you can't go home for a while and do that stuff from your family's home?

    Work on making a plan and best wishes.

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