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Why he asked if I hate him? Is he starting to build up attachment to me?

We're close friends. I was the last one texted him on Sunday and he didn't answer. 

Today HE texted me: Hey you bastard...why you're not texting? Do you hate me? 🤔  (this "bastard" is a "pet name" we use for each other. I started it and he said he loves when I call him that)

ME: I was thinking of calling you to see if you're alive, or you just forgot           about me 🤔.

       Too much going on this week...too little time for myself. 

       I need a day this weekend just for myself 😉 (I insinuated on playing some music like we sometimes do)         

HIM: On Saturday I have something to do in the morning, so you know,           after lunch...🤔...I can fix your car and since you'll be here we 

         can play some music (music is the thing that got us close)                                                                                                                                   And usually if I don't respond to his text within some reasonable time he asks if I'm mad at him. And I know him to be very self-confident person. Not being dependent on what someone thinks about him.

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    I am pretty sure he thinks of you more than a friend. If the texts above are what you two actually typed your relationship is much closer than that of the average male/female friendship. The text exchange above would suggest you two are already in a relationship. Now is the time to ask yourself if you might actually like him more than a friend. From the context of the question, I would assume not therefore you can either 1) slowly create distance or 2) be completely straight up and tell him you only like him as a friend. On a side note, this is the exact reason why many close male/female friendships do not work out... in my opinion. If both of you are straight than there is present sexual tension that eventually screws everything up lmao. I hope this helped

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    Do you know for sure he got the text? One time in the past few years I sent a text to my bf and he never got it!! Thankfully he couldn't help but text me back and I asked him if he got my last text he didn't. It's always possible he didn't get a text on Sunday. Find this out first. 

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