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Is boyfriend behavior suspicious?

My boyfriend and I met up to eat dinner together. He just got out of work and I just finish getting my hair done. We know the password to each other’s phone and never go on each other phones. Anyways, we’re eating and he shows me a pic FB with his phone. I don’t have my glasses so when I was grabbing his phone, he grabs it back. A few times during dinner, he’d have his phone under the table smiling and texting. He showed me post and every time I went to grab his phone so I can see better, he’d remove my hand to where he had to hold it. Then on the train, I asked “Do you still have the same old pic of me on your contacts?” And asked if I could see. Once again, he pulls his phone back then as he was going to his photo gallery, he pauses and says “I’ll do it later. I have a lot of pictures.” 

Before him and I became official, I told him how my ex would stay hiding his phone and would snatch it from me if he was showing me something. 

I’m trying my best not to assume stuff. We’ve been dating for 6 months. I understand phones are private and would never snoop through anyone phone. 

Do I confront him on his behavior if so, how? 

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    ask him why he's hiding it

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    You sound toxic...So how does bf/gf become "official"? Nobody cares what happened with a phone between you and your ex, especially your "official" bf.

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    Its his phone, dont like his reaction, move on

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    Your relationship must be really boring if cell phones are a big part of your dates.

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