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Does you’re body give you signs the end may be near?

I’m 39 and can feel semi sharp pains in the frontal lobe area of my head. 

Sometimes I guess in my cardiac region, I get weak at times and become almost light headed. 

It’s happening more frequently these days. 

No need to go to a doctor. This is nature. 


Curtis I know where my head is. I mentioned to Regions of the body. 

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    Your head is not in your cardiac region. Weakness is first felt in the extremities, not in the cardiac region. Your symptoms can be explained by any number of minor causes.  Minor causes that go untreated often turn into major, life-threatening issues. Not seeing a doctor is foolish.

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    You’re only 39, you’re not at the end I’m sure. This sounds like depression talking. Please go to your GP. I had headaches all the time and felt exhausted, turned out I had an under active thyroid gland plus headaches were caused by needing glasses. You’ll probably just have a few blood tests but please do go, I feel loads better now I’m on a thyroid tablet

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    You need to see a Dr to find the cause of these symptoms, To rule out anything serious, Don't ignore them.

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