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So I want to work at my gym let’s call it gym A there is also gym B. So I did some work experience at gym A like 2 years ago and enjoyed it the only thing is I wasn’t qualified then. Now I am and about 6 months ago I did some work experience at gym B and I did like it as much. The the whole virus started but now things are getting back to normal. So I asked the manager of gym A if I could work there and he said he needs a trainer but he has to ask the owner first. Both of there gyms are owned by the same person. And today gym B asked me to come in next week for a chat and to do some more work experience. The thing is how much work experience do I need it is a waste of time now. I don’t really want to be at gym B I want to be at gym A it’s just so much better. Gym B made me feel like **** last time. My mum keeps saying to just say yes to what ever they give me and she says I can move later. Well I’m not sure if they will be happy with that. Let’s go over pros and cons. Gym A pros. Close to home. Awesome friendly people. Fun place. Cons??? Gym B pros a good friend works there. Cons. Far away from home. People aren’t as good. To fussy and a bit arrogant. Miserable environment. People aren’t as friendly. Very strict. Now gym B isn’t like bad bad it’s just not as good I still go there to train like once a week but I have been with gym A since the beginning. And gym A I already know most of the people. Witch is what the trainers need to know so why put me somewhere else? 

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    Yahoo Answers is for questions seeking factual information or to benefit from the experience of others. Your post contains no question we can answer. We don't know why the gym owners want to put you "somewhere else". Only they know that. YOU have to decide to accept their offer or not. Perhaps asking for input on your social media would be helpful (your post is not appropriate for a Q&A form like this one).

    Good luck!

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