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Unexplained abdominal pain for a week?

I've been having a tender abdomen for about a week now. When I touch around my belly button, it feels like it's burning/stinging internally. When I press down on a certain area to the right of my belly button, there's a sharp pain there that spreads to my side/lower back. I also have right upper back pain that feels like it goes down to my lower back when I lean forward. Also, on my back right under my ribs hurts when I touch it. So does my middle rib-bone on my right ribs. Another thing is that I vomit up like half my meal up to half an hour after eating it. Vegetables and fruit, coffee, bread chunks come up the most. I also get dizzy at night, and I have  loose, large stools. What could be wrong? 

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    4 weeks ago

    As we have been telling you all week, go see a doctor. This is not something that can be solved over the internet.  You need a thorough examination, blood works and possibly a CT of your abdomen.  A medical professional is the only person that can diagnose and treat you for these issues.

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