How to get concrete out of work clothes ?

My husband is a construction worker I wash his work clothes usually with just detergent and oxy clean I used to put alittle bit of bleach but that was staining his clothes and there is always little bits of leftover concrete after washing  I'm not sure if there is a natural remedy to make in a bottle or if I just have to damp up the pants and scrub off residue with a brush then wash I really don't know what else to do to make them clean and hubby continues to complain about the results  Does anyone know of a concrete remover bottle I can buy or may be if anyone knows if vinegar and baking soda mixed with water in a spray bottle directly sprayed on the pants might work ?

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    4 weeks ago

    You can't really fully get concrete, tile mortar or grout out of cloth.  The best you can do is scrape off what you can and then launder the clothes.  The clothes will be clean, but they'll still have bits of concrete stuck in the fibers.  This is visible but not dangerous.

    As for him complaining, they are his darn clothes and he can make more of an effort to not get crap all over them, although in construction that's probably not going to work out so well.

    I suggest he have at least a full weeks worth, or more, of dedicated work clothing and only wear that to work so he doesn't mess up all his clothes.  

    I work in the trades and have done cement as well as tile work, I'm also a fiber artist who sews with recycled fibers and have vast cleaning experience when I cleaning fabric to sew with - trust me on this, you can't get concrete out of cloth.

  • Once it's dried, it won't wash off.  You may be able to pick bits off, but it's easier to clean the clothes out of the concrete.

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