Can I be fired for colored hair?

I work at a hair salon (franchise) where multiple other employees have had their hair purple or neon yellow or red or neon orange, mine is pink. The owners have never said anything to the other employees about their hair color being an issue, they mentioned about me changing my color back to my managers. Not sure if it’s something they would fire me for or not, but I’m wondering is this something I could get fired for if other people got away with it and only I’m being told something about it? If they talk to me about it I’m going to decline dying it and state why, because multiple other people had and have colored hair and never got told anything. They said it’s not the fact that I dyed my hair, it’s the color I dyed it. So I guess purple and neon yellow, orange and bright fire truck red are okay but pink isn’t. 

Not sure what I can do about this situation if me telling them no doesn’t go well, any opinions would help! 

2 Answers

  • kelvin
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    no you can not.

  • Go to the manager and ask them about this. Also bring up the issues you're having with your co workers that have un natural hair colors. I wouldn't know why having pink hair wouldn't be allowed if other un natural colors are. Your co workers are not your boss, they shouldn't be telling you what to do. 

    Ask your manager if it's okay for you to have pink hair. 

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