How do you drink flavored vodkas?

Like cherry, vanilla, or orange flavored vodkas? What can you mix with it?

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  • 1 month ago

    Because it's already flavored I probably wouldn't mix it with anything, just pour it over ice.

    I don't actually like purchased flavored vodka because there's so much sugar in it.  When I want flavored vodka I prefer to make it myself.  To do this I use Tito's vodka, which is specifically made for infusing and very very clean.  To infuse vodka fill a jar 2/3 full of whatever you want to infuse, whatever that is should be at it's absolute peak, and then fill the jar with vodka and let it sit for up to a week.  I typically start tasting mine after about 3 days.

    One of my favorites to infuse is strawberries.  I live in an agricultural area and I'll pick up fresh, organic strawberries that were picked that day.  I rinse, air dry and hull them and typically let them sit in the vodka for about 5 days.  The vodka will take on the color and sugar of the strawberries and the strawberries will look bleached, that's when you are done.  Pour the vodka off the strawberries and you have gorgeous strawberry vodka with very little sugar.  I typically drink this over very clean ice.  It will keep basically forever but I've never had it last longer than a few days, if that.

    This summer I've been doing lots of jams and canning with a friend who has fruit trees.  She had some AMAZING plums from a 100+ year old tree that had strong floral overtones.  I did three jars of plum vodka and a week later we went to taste it and ended up sucking down ALL of it, it was by far the best infusion I'd ever done - it was the plums, that she had just picked, that did it.

    Some friends and I started infusing one summer when one of our girlfriends was dating a marine biologist who had spend a lot of time in Russia and started infusing vodkas over there.  There were three of us that would make the infusions then we'd bring them to dinner and we'd all sit around and sample them.  

    We had an amazing mixologist (fancy bartender) in our group so sometimes she'd make cocktails with the infusions but mostly we sampled them straight or on ice.  

    I remember a wonderful whole spice infusion I made that was terrific in hot cider.

    Another memorable one was jalapenos, lemon and garlic, that was amazing in cocktails.  Someone, not me, did a cooked bacon infusion that sounds weird but was actually really good, we did bloody marys with that one.

  • 1 month ago

    You don't mix it. Drink it in shots, ice cold.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I do not drink vodka, and I do not see the point of this high-alcohol, low-taste drink. If you like the flavours of cherry juice whatever, why not just drink fruit juice or cordial? Why make them alcoholic?

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