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Suddenly Extremely Anxious?

Hello, I've never been one to get TOO anxious, but suddenly and recently, I have been uncontrollably anxious. Everything I think about suddenly has more negatives than I can count. I hate this, really. I want to live happily, not horribly. My friends have recommended therapy, but before I do that I want to know if there are any simple reasons before I spend money. Here are the details. It only happens at night when I have panic attacks, I can't live life in the moment anymore, and I feel extremely irritable and sad. This started happening about a week ago. My life has consisted of staying home almost all the time because of quarantine. I have started taking melatonin to help me sleep (11pm) and waking up earlier (9am). I also am taking vitamins and meal replacement shakes for breakfast. That's what changed right before I started becoming anxious. I haven't been active so far as exercise goes for years so I can't imagine that is the issue. I haven't had a job or school in months as well, just home all the time. I can't get my mind off of negative things and I want to be able to smile again. If you have any advice, please share.


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    Hello troubled one life changes has had a tremendous change in millions of lives unfortunately. And anxiety and stress is soaring on a high level world wise from being isolated so long as well as losing jobs property lives and future concerns. So it’s definitely can affect our whole way if thinking feeling acting and reacting. Take some deep breaths pray for a calm heart and peace of mind and slowly try to regroup. As mentioned when you’re used to being active in whatever way then everything changes in a blink wan eye that turned the world upside down literally it can and has affected you and even cause depression. So when you can go outside enjoy a walk the fresh air and beautiful scenery around you just take precautions. Pray over a job online or otherwise keep trying to be productive. And once your day life is more calm and a little more in control your nights will be the same because your brain can now shut down and worry less. Hope things get better reach out for any help needed medically or otherwise. 

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    It could be any number of things including body chemistry that is off  - I was horribly anxious when my thyroid went crazy for instance. 

    I would talk to your doctor to rule out a physical cause. 

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