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astronomy home work?

1. It’s 3pm and the moon is in last quarter phase. Where should you look to see it? Straight up, high/low on the western horizon, high/low on the eastern horizon?

2. It's midnight and the moon is just rising on the Eastern horizon. What phase is it in?

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    1. The last quarter rises at midnight.  That means it'll set about noon local time. So, at 3pm... it's going to be below the horizon.

    2. The last quarter

    (New moon rises with the sun, at 6am... 1st quarter rises 6 hours later, at noon. The full moon rises 6 hours after that, at 6pm. 3rd quarter rises 6 hours later, at midnight.) 

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    1.   3 p.m. is in the afternoon. The last quarter phase occurs when the moon is waning (lit on its left side as seen from Earth). So to see the last quarter, it should be before sunrise. Maybe you meant, then, 3 a.m.

    2.   After midnight, all moonrises are in the waning process (what comes after a full moon). Rising right after midnight, the moon would be observed in its last quarter.

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