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My ex filmed me during sex. Do you think he showed his friends?

My filmed me in 2017, 2018, & Sept. 2019. I kept taking him back. I was young. He has been to jail 5 times. Thinking that he will change. I was too nice. He was an asshole. He was abusive.

Trying to be strong.I want revenge kind of.I want him arrested for what he did. The police didn't help though because I said it's not online.He is disrespectful. He called me a crazy, psycho, stalker. He didn't claim me. He is older than me. Never gotten an apologized. He never changed. I reported his Facebook for bullying. is his Facebook


My ex* yes I exposed him.

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    Revenge will eat away at you. Afterwards it will leave you feeling empty. The best way you can get revenge is to move on with your life and when he asks to take you back? Tell him he means nothing to you any more.

  • While he may not have posted it online, you could still have a case against him for filming you without consent under the Revenge Porn laws (each jurisdiction is different).  If you can talk to someone at a free legal clinic I'd advise it.  At the very least, you should talk to someone and be aware of your rights even if the police refuse to get involved.

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    If this doesn't show he's the one, I don't know what does. You should marry him.

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    He probably showed his friends. You should only trust a man with nudes if he is your husband.

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