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How to deal with vaginal cuts caused from Sex?

I have been seeing this boy for a long time now and have sex with him quite often. Apologies but this will be quite detailed because I truly cant find anyone to help me. He is a lot bigger than any I've ever had (girth and length) and every time we have sex my vagina rips in several places (sometimes it even rips all the way from my urethra to my clit) and its incredibly painful and often means I cant bring myself to sleep with him multiple times in the same week or even at all. I did some research to try help me out but the most common cause is just not being wet enough which isn't a problem for us. This is really affecting me because I feel I have to force myself through the pain which often makes me cry and it takes so long for him to be able to actually get in my vagina that by the time he does he is no longer hard and the mood is ruined. I would like to add I don't feel pressure from him at all to force myself. I really need some help on how to avoid this because I have tried lube and that doesn't help and I'm so scared that it might be that I am just too tight which will inevitably make our relationship hard if our sex is going to be like this forever. I need some serious help asap because I really like this boy and just don't want to keep going through the pain.

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    Hi Grace, 

    Before consulting with a gynecologist, I would try to see if you can lessen the problem by yourself first. Because personally I do not think there’s nothing wrong with your body chemistry. What I believe that you need to do first is slowly open yourself up before committing intercourse. If you’re not wet enough or comfortable enough. Especially since you are concerned that you will experience pain. You will create a mental block and your body will respond with this mental block by not relaxing. 

    This a bit graphic but what you need:

    • lots of foreplay. Your boyfriend needs to perform oral on you first and he needs to slowly stretch you out with his fingers to accommodate to his size before inserting himself in. 

    • Lube is very important. Makes it easier and you will feel less pain. If your lube don’t work, use another brand. There are different types 

    •I agree about different positions and taking it slow at first. Doggy style equals to deeper penetration. You need a decent position with less deep penetration at first. Try to do the side ways position. I did that with my boyfriend a few times when I would suffer with pains during doggy. 

    Lastly, you need to relax and let yourself heal. If you have a tear down there. You need to give it time to heal, Grace. You can’t jump the gun and have intercourse before you can heal from the tear. Take care and stay safe

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    What nonsense. If you were REALLY being "ripped all the way from your urethra to your clit" you would be in hospital, not having sex again with him within the week or even the month. A rip like that is a major injury and nobody goes skipping back to bed again the same week.

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    I just think you are trolling.  I knew an Asian chick whose white boyfriend was too big and she never complains of ripping and tearing.  She said she couldn't have sex the day after.

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    well were also getting tired of your daily trolling of this and this isn't the first time you have asked this either

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    I think that if he's really as well endowed as all that, and a doctor has said there's nothing amiss with your vagina, then this is likely to be an ongoing issue for him with other partners and it'd probably behoove you two to expand your sexual horizons a bit.  Straight couples can tend to think that penis-in-vagina is the be-all and end-all of sex.  It isn't.  You *have* to do it if you want to make a baby.  If all you're wanting to do is make a mess it's just one of a lengthy list of options.  Oral.  Manual.  Intercrural.  Frottage.  Mutual masturbation.  Talking dirty about centaurs to one another (admittedly this last one is a very specialized form of sex and one  not likely to appeal to most couples, but it's an option)

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    1 month ago

    You need to see a gynecologist to solve this problem.  This is not something that random strangers can help you with over the internet.  You require a full pelvic exam and possibly testing your hormone levels to see exactly what is going on.  It may have more to do with your body chemistry.  

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    i would talk to your doctor about it

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    Use lubricant. Try different positions. Go slower. 

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    There is a reason that a normal male is around 5 inches in size, any way you have a few choices, reduce sex, no sex, or a different partner. Childbirth may help solve this problem also.

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