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I know I am not paranoid... what would you do?

I will make this simple, I got pregnant in June 2019, 3 months later, my mother and I got into a fight, I was unable to keep a job to raise my 5 babies that I had that Feburary. They are the sweetest, smartest babies, anyways, my father and my uncles and neighbors acted weird. I will explain what happened. 1st, demons came to the house, but my grandma belong to local and even celebrated occult organizations. I am a Christian so I didn't approve anyways. 2nd, they slowly took my money from me thinking I couldn't budget or notice. 3rd, I started getting attacked in public and at night by demons or gangs or mob like people or even actors in any event it scared me. 4th, I found out the former residence had been condemed in July of 1945 and again in 51, 53, 63, 65, and 85. It was never torn down and the wood panels acted up in the house. 5th, helicopters were flying by from foreign nations spying on the house, finally, it got so bad, God literally scared me out of the house with locusts, I vowed to not return unless I absolutely had to. 


...Then what happened just before I moved out. I lost my smartphone, found it was stolen by a neighbor there to illegally support our local student government and insurance and banking systems that have become so corrupted and illegal contests, they started taking my independence away. Then $300 from my birthday goes missing and my driver's license and now I can't get any work. Help, please? :( :( :'( 

Update 2:

I do think had I stayed I would be in a mental aslyum unable to work or anything. I found out my father and family owes other parts of the family money for gambling and people believe all these lies about me, my exes, neighbors, former friends, etc. and that are simply never true, never me, or were twins or multiples of mine. Pray to Christ and God, Amen.

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    I hate it when that happens.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Textbook case of psychosis.  Please check yourself back into the mental facility.  You are absolutely delusional.

  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    maybe you should ask god what to do

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