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Puppy and the snow, any tips?

So we got our puppy in late May. He will be around 7-8 months when the first snow starts around my parts. He has been in cold weather, rain, but not snow. So far, he has beared the heat of the year and it didn't seem to bother him, but I wouldn't say he exactly liked it. He preferred being the water or the shade. He's a mixed breed dog, coat isn't super short, but it's not long, either. No Husky or double coat that I can see. 

Will he be ok in the snow? How can I get him used to it when it does come? Do dogs generally like the snow, or are they scared of it?

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    Oh, how fun :) Most bigger dogs love the snow, or at least tolerate it fairly well. This is up to YOU and how YOU react to it and how much fun YOU'RE having in it. Dogs pick up on our moods all the time. If you go out in the snow and have a good time, chances are your dog will, too. My dog cannot get enough of snow; it's his absolute favorite weather. It'll be 10 degrees, coming down in sheets, and he will NOT come inside. He's a snow dog through and through. Didn't do anything special with him, just sent him out and off he went. He was also a lot younger than yours, so he got used to it early on.

    If you're worried, you can go out with him, either when it is snowing or the world is blanketed. Make sure you have treats and a toy, and coax him out. Let him sniff, explore, and test it for himself. Say encouraging, soothing words to help him along. DON'T THROW SNOW AT HIM, not yet. Let him get used to it first. When he's wagging his tail and romping, throw him a treat and toss his favorite toy around. He may just spend the first 20 minutes sniffing like crazy. PRAISE HIM ALL OVER AGAIN when he does his business in the yard. Some dogs can get touchy about it, because they can't sniff where they've peed before, but they get the hang of it. And with this said, if he does have a mistake in the house, it's ok. It can be expected with a pup that's never seen this weather before, but the more fun YOU make it, the more likely he will get used to it and know to do his business outside, same as usual. So fun, frolicking, time to explore, and he should be good as gold and ready to play when the bad winter snow hits.

    Now, same as heat, precautions have to be taken with cold weather. Most dogs are just fine with their normal walks, same length and time, down to 32 F or so. SALT is very dangerous for dogs, so make sure that after every walk, his paws are wiped down completely and salt-free. You don't know what he's going to pick up on the walk, so this is important, as it's very toxic. Also a good idea to clean up your backyard before heavy snows, as they can run and hurt themselves on something they/you cannot see. Tree branches, anything sharp, etc. Make sure it's picked up. Any weather under 32 F, you need to cut the walks by 5 minutes. Their paw pads are very thick, but that doesn't mean they are immune to cold. They can get frostbite, same as us. The rare times it's dropped to below 10 F during the day in my state, his walks are all of 5 minutes around the block, warm up, then some outside time in the backyard for another 5-10 minutes or so. I take him out in intervals and make sure he gets warmed up in between, but like I said, it's pulling teeth to get him to come in. You can invest in some dog booties, if you wish. I also have a coat for my pup, just in case (he is shorter haired). In any case, the most important thing is the SALT.

    Now, the off chance he doesn't like it? Just make sure he knows to use the bathroom. You may have to start from scratch with potty training, so again, treats, praise, happy voices when he goes outside. I really think he will like it, though. Most bigger dogs really love snow.

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    my dog is a boxer mix and has the short fur of a boxer. He is totally fine in snow and likes to run around in it like crazy. It's heat which he doesn't like. 

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    He'll probably be fine, most dogs love snow. If you look up "Saint Bernard dogs" they're shorthaired, and I can 100% guarantee you that you'll find a picture of a Saint Bernard in the snow

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    Most dogs LOVE it!  Even when it was so deep my large dogs "DISAPPEARED" when they left our deck  (they re-surfaced as soon as they started "bounding" & jumping.)  You have to decide if your dog's coat type, would need a coat or boots. (Again, it may depend on how long he will be out, the temperature, & whether it is just snow or instead..... an ICY walking surface.)

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