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What happened to Canada after 1945?

Was Canada less known? What events contributed to this shrink in power? Any sources you can provide me with? 

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    Canada fought in the Korean War, and did very well.  After that, we did a lot of peacekeeping on the military front.  But, Canada has a pretty small population, especially compered to the USA, so, news about the country does not go worldwide all that often.  There was a World's Fair in 1967.  And, Canada is in the G8, one of the world's most powerful countries economically (in the top 8).  We just don't get mentioned in the news that much.

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    Two Words: Asian Immigrants. They've overwhelmed the social system and bankrupted the government, which has NEVER had any great power, instead being sustained and protected by England and the United states. 

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    What do you mean by "shrink in power"?  While we don't have all the military might of the US Canada is highly respected by other nations as we believe much more is achieved by means of dialogue than by the end of a gun. When Bush invaded Afghanistan it was the Canadian troops who were sent to Kandahar as they were the ones best suited for the task. It was Canada who kept the doors to China long before Nixon's visit. It was a Canadian who was appointed to be the head of the Bank of England.  Many Canadians have served in top posts at the UN.  

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    It disappeared into the "1945 Rift", the extra-dimensional phase-shift in time and space that moved Canada (it is thought) into an alternate dimension, leaving behind the depopulated wasteland that exists now. Scientists are still looking for a way to bring them back, though even more scientists aren't. Hope this helped.

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