Ana results positive?

So last week I went to the hematologist and was due a series blood work because my wbc (3.6) and neutrophils (1.6) are always slightly low and they ordered a ANA test which came back on the app showing 1.12 and the standard range was <=.90 au I was told that it’s technically positive but also the “ANA pattern” was negative. I’m unsure what that means is it serious or not. I do have a follow up with my hematologist in a couple weeks I haven’t herd back from her I just don’t wanna go through worrying hell for the next 2 weeks 


Update: My ANA titer and pattern results came back negative but the number “1.12” is still “technically positive” so does that mean I’m okay or should I still worry sorry I’m such a hypochondriac 

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  • 1 month ago
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    That isn't very high. By technically high they meant it wasn't really clinically significantly high. 

    The hematologist is just screening for autoimmune disease as a cause for your neutropenia. If he were to consider that ANA as a significant finding then he would refer you to a rheumatologist which is a specialist for lupus and other autoimmune rheumatologist disorders. 

    You will have to be patient until he completes his evaluation of you. He will then go over the results with you. It will either be a hematological disorder or simply a normal variant or some other disorder with secondary hematological changes in which case he would refer you to the appropriate specialist. His main role is to rule out primary hematological disorders as a hematologist and defer to other specialists if it isn't hematological in origins. 

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