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Trump creates jobs. Biden destroys them. It's not complicated.?

Trump's record proves that he knows how to create a strong economy-

Donald Trump has proven that he knows what it takes to create jobs on a massive scale and ensure that prosperity is shared by all Americans. Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden doesn’t even know how many letters are in the word “jobs.”

President Trump’s record proves that he knows how to create a strong and growing economy that generates enormous opportunity for all Americans to succeed. Prior to the artificial contraction caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the national unemployment rate had been consistently hovering at a 50-year low, and joblessness had reached the lowest level ever recorded for both black and Hispanic workers.

The president’s pro-growth economic policies played a major role in creating the strongest economy in history, which was a particularly impressive feat after eight years of stagnation under the Obama-Biden administration. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, for example, cut taxes for every income bracket, particularly benefitting middle-income Americans. The tax bill also created Opportunity Zones, driving tens of billions of dollars in new investment to historically underdeveloped communities in every state, providing jobs, housing, and infrastructure necessary to revive those communities.

biden will be back in basement soon enough, lol

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    Obama and Biden were simply shipping our jobs overseas. Obama was telling us our good ol' days were behind us and that we need to accept our economy will not grow like it did in the past due to times a changing. Obama then added "what magic wand is Trump going to wave to change that". It turns out the magic wand was just removing many of the Obama business unfriendly regulations that was crippling our economy and we had a boom. While the virus has set us back, we are recovering at a rapid pace, gaining back about half of the jobs lost to the virus and people's 401k back to where it was before the virus. Biden has had 50 years to change things and in nearly every case he was on the wrong side of the issue. The Democrats did not choose Biden, the DNC did.

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    Re Trump Jobs, not everyone wants to be a wh*re, a p*mp or a drug dealer.  Trump will not fire all those cheap illegals and hire red-necks to clean his toilets for high wages!

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    Obviously its complicated for brain dead trump supporters.

    Tell us, what jobs did he create?  Was it auto manufacturing?  No,   LOST those.  Was it coal mining jobs?  Nope,

    he LOST those too.  That's his record stupid,

    300,000 lost jobs and that was even before covid.  He certainly hasn't gotten those back either with his unemployment at 10%.

    And what did he do to create a "strong economy"?  Tariffs? Nope.  They cost Americans $46 billion more in taxes this year.

    So what was it besides inheriting President Obama's economy do you think was actually trumps doing ?  

    Were still waiting for him to work that magic to fix HIS economy.  When is he gonna amaze us with his super power?   

    Almost couldn't type that with a str8 face.

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    What he got Hunter a job at a oil a company. I mean the prosecutor got fired but who cares 

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    He created so many jobs that millions had to be given a stimulus check. 

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    The economy has ALWAYS performed better under democratic presidents. 

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    Wow, you're an idiot. Did you overdose on the Trump propaganda much?


    We lost a ton of jobs this year and they won't be back for a while. We're facing a dollar collapse by 2021 and could head into a double recession. Our country looks like it's hit the apocalypse sometimes and you're so in denial you will blame anybody but Trump. He's supposed to govern us. The future about to happen is all caused by the way Trump handled different situations where we can have our dollar collapsed. He's lucky if Biden wins. Then he can save face and try to blame it on Biden. It's going to be incredibly hard to fix the road trump put us on.

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    Biden wins jobs go back to china.. why do you people think china is all for biden. china is not good for american workers.

  • So, for example, when Obama and Biden helped the auto industry that was dying from the recession we were deep into when they took office, that was "destroying" jobs?

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    Biden has Never created a job, made a payroll and has been living on Government checks for nearly 50 years. That is not complicated either.

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