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Why do people post their school grades on social media and what are your thoughts?

I just wanted your opinions on the people who brag about their engineering accomplishments on social media. For example, like on facebook, I see a select few bragging about their research positions and how qualified they are, or just accepting their new internship position and saying how honored they are.

I wouldn't say I'm quite jealous yet, because these select few who do this go as far as to bragging about their final grades in hard classes. 

What do you guys think about this? Annoying? Fine? Just want some thoughts and discourse!

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  • A.J.
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    When and how does announcing an accomplishment cross the line into bragging?

    I would say when an accomplishment is trivial or an interim step, and/or when details are glorified from a simple statement.

    My cousin was selected as Provost of Quinnipiac University, to be in charge of the University's academics starting this semester. She made a simple one line announcement with a link to the University's official announcement. That was appropriate. There are people posting photos of their dinner and that's OK in a pandemic. I think a one-line statement as an announcement is usually OK without glorifying details or patting oneself on the back, and school grades are probably overstating the importance. Part of this issue is yours. You should only compare yourself to you. There will always be better and worse. This is case by case of the event or accomplishment and how it is written.  


  • 1 month ago

    What's wrong with being proud of what you've done?

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