Big mistake by not treating Hives soon. What Should I expect?

-> I had extremely minor eczema on the back of my hands since 2012. very localized. never itched either. I was 25 back then

-> Fast forward to May 2020, for the first time ever, I got hives out of nowhere. I waited for approx 4-5 days for them to go away on their own, but they didn't.

-> I finally took antihistamine (Zyctec) and hives were gone within 24 hours

-> after hives were gone I noticed that my arms and mainly the regions where their were hair, there were goosebumps like stuff. didn't have any color but I could tell the rough texture. I thought it's some kind of remnant after hives were gone.

-> Then after hives were gone my eczema started to spread slowly. In about two months, I almost saw breakouts everywhere. they were bad on the arms. But mild everywhere else.

-> I showed the Derm but I knew I may have to take steriods and other expensive methods with short term results.

-> I couldn't believe my eczema turned from no problem to a gigantic problem just by one event of hives. and maybe not treating it quick.

-> August, I started taking a homeopathic medicine, which amazingly cleared my eczema.

-> The rough texture/goosebumps like stuff is still there. My derm says it's not Keratosis. I'm not sure what it is either.

Now any ideas what might have happened to my body by not treating hives quickly? Why eczema got 1000 times worse? And what to expect next with that roughness in the skin, since homeopathic medicine seemed to have eliminated the eczema breakouts?


This picture is recent showing the rough skin. Not the hives

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  • 1 month ago
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    well...scratchign it will spread and perpetuate helps...i had something similar where my initial problem was healed but the leftovers kept itching and spreading slowly...i used lots of lotion

  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    what you had was not hives

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