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When will a vaccine likely be available for all Americans and if vaccinated can we still catch the Coronavirus ?

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    No one knows. If, all goes as planned right now, and the testing goes as we all hope, Oct, Nov time frame for approval and roll out. Of course it will take time to ramp up production but Jan/ Feb time frame supposedly, will be more then 200 million doses.  Of course, first responders and all that jazz go first, we also know have more pressure be put on to ship it out of country. The average middle class person should be  able to get them in the spring.  Of course, that is if all goes blue sky and such.  As far as protection/reinfection. That will still be up in the air for some time and it also comes down to how many do get vaccinated.  Biden, the media, the lefts anti vaccination stance right now. May prevent the numbers needed for the vaccine to be totally effective.

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