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What do people in tornado alley do if they don’t have a tornado shelter?

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    They don't really worry about it. Tornados very rarely actually kill people or even hit structures, they're just way too focused and usually burn out quickly and wreak havoc on a crop or something. It's WHEN they hit a place that they become truly terrifying.... but you're more likely to be killed by a cow or horse or a bee rather than a tornado.

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    I've lived south of Moore OK for almost 40 years without a tornado shelter. My current apartment is on the second floor. At this point in my life I know which closet to get into. Forget about going to my neighbor downstairs. I no longer care whether I survive or not. 

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    They go to funerals, as guest of honor.

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    They are advised to go to the lowest, most central part of their home and hunker down.

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    The vast majority of tornadoes do minimal damage.  I live in Oklahoma City and in 1999 and 2013 when we had a major tornado I was able to get enough warning from the TV and sirens to drive off.  Typically being in the middle of your house away from windows is the best, but for larger tornadoes a basement and shelter is the only thing that works and if your don’t have either getting into a car and driving off is usually your best bet and yes most of the time you can out drive a tornado.  This isn’t always plausible because not everyone has time for a car or there’s too many people and that’s when I wish everyone that lived here did have a tornado shelter because that’s when things get scary.

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    They go see the wizard.

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