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what are the benefits of having a mustang?

what are some of the ups and downs to having a mustang as opposed to a completely domesticated horse that is born green..? and i mean in a side by side comparison of horses of the same size and fitness. for hunting, camping, traveling, livestock wrangling, etc. a means of living, not some stupid fancy pointless crap in an arena or the occasional trail ride......

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    Your fresh-from-BLM Mustang will indeed come with no training. It'll be up to you to teach him to be good or bad, and he won't have traits that are built in like you'll find in the usual QH or TB or other breeds that are bred for performance. He also won't have the stupidity that sometimes seems to follow when breeding only for beauty.

    Stupid but beautiful? Yes, we once owned a "dumb blonde" Palomino. She could not find her way to follow the other horses through the gate, over to the pile of hay, but instead would go back and forth by the fence, apparently hoping some sort of magic would let her through. Tremendous beauty, though. Caused six traffic accidents one day just because we had her near an intersection, but off the road, for the Grand Opening of a fruit stand! Guys (not gals) driving their cars would stare at her and plough into cars stopped ahead at the traffic signal. Mustangs don't do that.

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    2 months ago

    The nice thing about mustangs ,they dont have any bad habits unless you teach them, I was a proffesional farrier for 25+ years. I worked on several mustangs as well as domesticated. The mustangs were a little tougher at first, but in the long run the mustangs were a superior animal. They are very loyal and trustworthy.Just be carefull to train them properly. They are fast learners of good & bad behavior,

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