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Michael Jordan/Denny Hamllin,pick Bubba Smollett to drive for there new nascar team,Does M.J. really not understand failure not the goal?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    MJ doesn't care.  It's not his money they're using for that team.  A lot of sponsorship money came Bubba's way after showing his support for BLM and the "noose" fiasco this past summer.  Besides, Denise needs a team to co-own so he can try to get into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    this makes no sense....

    and if you are talking about the recent claim by bubba of someone placing a noose in his garage/house w/e,  how do I know someone wasn't paid to do it,  so that they can claim it was false, and try and make him look like a liar who is trying to use the race card?, don't tell me that doesn't happen because it does especially regarding the malevolent vindictive far right scum,.....when in fact he was setup,  basically i don't believe what people say especially when those sources are derived from the would be enemy, and especially at this time when the far right feels under pressure, for the first time in decades..

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