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Do you think that the Beast of Bray road in Wisconsin and Michigan Dogman could be the same creature? ?

They both are Werewolf sightings, so do you think it could be related and/or be the same creatures? 

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     It's a good possibility, but my thought is that they were escapees from some Genetic lab. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    I see where you're going with this, and I'll tell you the same thing you've already heard.

    You're not a god dammed werewolf.  Every kid grows hair in unusual places at your age.

  • JimZ
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    4 weeks ago

    Yeah, if they exist, it would most likely be a type of Bigfoot IMO with a much more prognathic jaw (Jaw juts forward).    A bigfoot might evolve from something like Neanderthal or earlier hominoid.  There is no real conceivable way for a wolf or dog like creature to evolve into a hominoid.  I have read the stories and they are very consistent with Bigfoot except the prognathous dog like face but that is actually something that is sometimes reported about bigfoot elsewhere.  There are local variations with bigfoot that can be seen in the evidence such as a much more prominent double ball in the footprints in northern California.  Maybe the local genes in the Cheese belt favor a dog like face.  

    There is an interesting theory about a very famous bigfoot case, a story of a young bigfoot captured over a 100 years ago in British Columbia named Jacko (you can Google it).   Grover Krantz theorized that it may have ended up in Barnum and Baileys (if memory serves) Circus as JoJo the Dog-faced Boy.  It is a lot easier to come up with one species that has evaded detection with a range of looks than different species all evading proof.  

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