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According to the Old Testament Days what would the effects of a curse be and look like? ?

I was just curious what a curse would look like if someone managed to successfully impose a curse on another person. I know in the old testament days people used curses. Balaam the evil prophet would use curses and they would only work with GODs permission. So I was just curious what would actually happen if GOD allowed a curse to work successfully? 

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    Just about anything is possible.

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    In the Old Testament

    a curse was tantamount to a prophecy.

    The effects of a curse

    would be

    whatever dire things were promised by the prophecy.

    Note that the Old Testament teaches

    that a curse undeserved

    will not "alight".

    I.e. a person who isn't deserving of a curse cannot be successfully cursed.

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    When the bible refers to curses, usually the interpretation points to a direct cause of action being right, and a curse put upon something or someone directs that path toward something bad. This is by the will of God in whatever he deeps fit. When used toward people, this is usually fulfilled by them having sickness or debilitations.

    Then there are curses that refer to the mind or soul. These are called inward curses. Usually they refer to the mind of the wicked or those who are miserable inwardly, saying they are cursed as such.

    Then there is the usage of curse for anything "foul" or as a reproach to people.

    Then there are the uses of saying "curse" in the term that we say it today, as an improper word or lash of the tongue.

  • “Antonio Fortea, who wrote a book called “Interview with an Exorcist”, said very wisely: “nothing can happen through any person's magical powers. Not of their magical power. That kind of thing does not exist.” So what power is it that can have a negative effect on you if someone did try to, through magic or sorcery give you negative effects in what we usually call a curse, a spell or a hex? 

    Well listen to what Father Fortea says, 'Strictly speaking any paranormal affect achieved through magic is accomplished through the intervention of demons, not as a result of a particular person's magical powers. Even if those who practice magic: witches, sorcerers, seers, et. cetera, even if they deny it or unaware of it, the devil is behind all their works. And the very magic that they practice in the end opens them up to demonic influence and even possession.'

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    Depends upon the curse. God cursed Satan, Adam, Eve and Cain differently. Elisha sent 2 she bears against 42 young men. 

    Noah cursed Canaans seed with servitude.

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