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How does Tik Tok determine what does or doesn’t go against their community guidelines? ?

This is the second time I’ve had a video removed from Tik Tok due to community guidelines violations. I don’t understand however because there are viral videos on Tik Tok that are SO much worse than what I posted but they aren’t removed. Everyday I see videos of girls (some underage) dancing with very little clothing on to songs like WAP or people talking about their sex lives and these videos have hundreds of thousands of likes. Just yesterday, I saw a video of a girl that looked no older than 16 asking how to get her boyfriend’s c*m out of her braces and it had over half a million views! How can videos with a song that talks about wet *** pu**y be permitted but my videos aren’t? I understand my video is sexually suggestive in nature but you can’t honestly tell me it’s worse than half the stuff on Tik Tok. I’ve attached a link to the video so you can decide for yourself. Thanks.

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    Sadly, it's because YOU are a knob, and Tik Tok know that.

    What, on Earth, does showing a video related to the iOS 14 Update have to do with ANYTHING you are blathering on about?

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