Should I be concerned about bicep pain after Rhabdomyolysis?

My rhabdomyolysis was induced by exertional means. Most likely by over working during exercise as well as being dehydrated. My CK levels peaked at around 115,000 on day 3 of 5. Symptoms were swelling of both biceps with no compartment syndrome and therefore no surgery required. No fever was present. Input/Output of urine was consistent throughout. 

I do not have my exact lab records but during my visit at the hospital I had slightly elevated potassium levels, extremely high CPK, normal BUN and creatinine, and moderately elevated liver and kidney counts. All levels returned to normal within one week of discharge.  

I am a healthy individual with no history of drug use or crush accidents. Alcohol consumption has been higher than normal but within a healthy limit as far as I know. 

I am experiencing some shooting pains from time to time in one of the affected biceps that doesn’t seem to have any apparent trigger. It is accompanied by a dull ache that is more persistent.

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