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Milton Question?

How did the English Civil War affect Milton's writing?

I guess I'm just having a hard time understanding what Milton believed, politically and religiously. 

From what I understand, he was religious but not in a traditional way. He was pretty progressive for his time (signing the document for women to have the right to divorce and stuff like that). I think he was a Puritan, so he wanted the religion in England to stay Christian and pure. But what does his writing have to do with the Civil War??


Dang....when someone asks a question it usually means they're trying to learn. I could have not asked my question, but then I wouldn't be learning. Just because I don't know something at the same level doesn't mean y'all can be rude. Hope none of you have children. 

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    Milton was poet laurette of the Comonwealth, so you figure it out.

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    Are you quite certain that Milton 'signed a document for women to have the right to divorce' - or even 'stuff like that?"

    He wrote several pamphlets on divorce, supporting the right to end an marriage for both sexes - these could well have been affected by the fact that his young wife left him not long after their wedding, and returned - unexpectedly, and possibly not wholly welcome, some time later.

    His writing would naturally have been affected by the Civil War because he lived through it.

    By the way, it would hardly be surprising that he wanted England to remain Christian. What, in the 17th century do you suppose would have been the alternative

    I would suggest you read a good biography of Milton, which should help you answer your questions. If I were of a mischievous disposition I would also suggest you read Robert Graves' novel 'Wife to Mr Milton' which tells the story of his first marriage from his wife's point of view - but that, of course, is *not* history.

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    I think the question rather depends on your having actually read something BY Milton rather than just a Wiki entry ON him.

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