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What should I do... I’m sad that my baby’s dad will be going away ?

My sons dad is going into the navy. I’m sad about it because he’ll be in the navy for a few years and he’ll have his own life and won’t be apart of his sons life for a long time until he’s out of the navy but even then he’ll be busy with his life and his new job so my son will probably never see his dad. 

I also like him a lot even though he doesn’t like me back. It just sucks being a single mom and it’s just depressing that he’ll be out bettering himself and partying and having fun while I’m at home raising my son...!

I was already suicidal but this is making things worse and making me not want to live. He’ll be in the navy for a few years and won’t be apart of his sons life and I’ll be raising him as a single mom while working my butt off to make a living. 

I hate being a single mom and knowing that my baby’s dad is going into the navy is extremely depressing and doesn’t make me want to even live anymore..

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    You made your bed by getting PG before you got married.   So you have absolutely no strings attached to him.   What you can do before he actually GETS into the Navy is sue for child support and health care so at least he does not get away scot free. 

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    He cannot  join the Navy to run out on his responsibilities as a Dad. 

    You march down to the same recruiter and let him know you need child support. 

    You may need legal see what your options are to file an official request for  child support for the next 18 years. 

    Do not settle for his "Promises" to send money........he won't.......I assure you. 

    You make it official that he HAS to, and it will automatically be deducted from his pay and sent directly to YOU by direct deposit. 

    He can then have his "fun" with what's left over . -----but at least you have guaranteed income from help with the costs of raising the child. 

    Payments twice a month.......GUARANTEED by law. AUTOMATIC. 

    If he makes any attempt to stop the payments, or cut them-----you report him to his command, and they will deal with him. 

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    He isn’t going to jail he’s getting a job with benefits. He earns 30 days of leave per year so unless he is overseas he can come home and see him. Or novel idea you take your kid to where he is for a visit.  When he comes back he can spend time with him then. Don’t shut him out. 

    If DNA is proven and you have full custody then child support should be ordered.  It can be sent to you automatically. The child will also have medical coverage for free or really low cost.  Recruiters will NOT help you, you do not exist to them at all. If you have child support ordered then go through the state.  He will actually need to sign over full custody to you for his first enlistment. 

    Remember it is not how much time you spend with the child but how you spend the time.  Send him photos, videos, allow FaceTime and more. 

    If you are having suicidal issues, anxiety, etc then seek counseling immediately. This is not the answer at all. 

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