My fiancé just started streaming on Twitch and I want to play co op with him on the same screen is that a good idea?

So my fiancé just started streaming on twitch. I usually play CoD on co-op with him. He usually wears a headset and I don’t. We did just get a razor mic so I’m sure my voice could be picked up on that but we don’t have a camera yet. How would it effect his streaming if we still played co op? I would be present and apart of the stream I just don’t have CoD my self on my PS4 so we play on his. Would it be better if I played on my own system and got a headset? I just don’t want it to effect him negatively. We do have a great couples dynamic would it be better with a cam?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Yeah it would be better/more watchable if you had your own system and account and were playing with him online. If you played coop on stream it would show both screens at once and if the video quality went down you wouldn’t be able to see anything. And yeah maybe people would like it more with a camera, I personally don’t care about that but some people like it. You could also ask his regular veiwers what they’d prefer. 

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