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What are your top 3 favorite stories that have been rebooted in the movies over 4 times?


There are a lot of movies they tend to remake about every 10 years.

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  • 2 months ago

    The Wizard of Oz

    The Parent Trap

    (I can't think of anything else that has been rebooted that many times)

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Pride and Prejudice has had some gorgeous films based on that story. The Colin Firth version still seems a top contender but I really do like the one with Keira Knightly. Such a breathtakingly gorgeous gem of a film. 

    The Phantom of the Opera. The silent version with Lon Chaney Sr.  makes you realize how very silly that musical is. But watching Gerard Butler murder those songs is also quite enjoyable as well. There's a movie version of this with Robert Englund of Freddy Krueger fame. Very gory and disturbing version. Features a Faustian bargain.

    Dracula. From Bela Lugosi's actual archetype of the count that sticks with us to this day to Frank Langella's dripping with lust and sex version to Luke Evans destroying the entire Turkish army by himself to...Gary Oldman chewing the scenery against Keanu's Reeves near expressionless Jonathon Harker. And who can forget Wynona Ryder's valley girl-esque Mina? There's also Billy the Kid Versus Dracula. And a host of so many Dracula movies that it might take a long time here to sort them all out and rank them.  

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