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Can I vote?

I just became a citizen at the beginning of the year, I haven't received my passport, my social and ID need to be update since I change my last name, can I still vote? 



I couldn’t update my social or Id since it was closed, I called for my social but to update it would take 3-6months. I got my certificate in July since immigration was closed for ceremonies:( For my passport it would take 2-3 months, so I paid for that, they took all my original documents and I still haven't received my passport.. I only have copies. Thanks guys!

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    You need to talk to your local election official.  They will let you know if you are eligible to vote.  Don't wait.

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    Did you get your Certificate of Naturalization with your changed name when you naturalized? And you've had several months to update ID, etc. If you had applied for your passport at the time you naturalized, you should have it by now. Same with Certificate of Naturalization. You should have some sort of proper documentation of your naturalization so you can register to vote.

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    It took me less than 3 hours to get me first US passport after I became a citizen. You are waiting for 8 months now? Did you throw your application in a bottle and then threw that bottle into the ocean?

    It took me about 10 minutes to get me SS updated and another 10 minutes to get a new ID from the DMV. Something went wrong here, really, really, really wrong.

    Yes, if you are a US citizen, you can register to vote and vote on November 3.

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    As long as you have proof of identity and proof of US citizenship - such as your Certificate of Naturalization - you can register to vote and vote. 

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    you can vote                .

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