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I have a younger sister who is a narcissistic sociopath. Can I get a restraining order from her when there is no crime committed ?

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    You would have to be able to give examples as to why you think she is a danger to you or your family.    Having police reports as an example.   Having non-family witnesses as another example.    You can not just do it because you want it. 

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    no                                 .

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    First, understand that a "restraining order" is a general term for a court order that blocks any number of legally-regulated transaction.  For example, if you were in a business partner with her and she was trying to sell off a large quantity of company assets, you could conceivably get a restraining order against that sale until proper ownership of the assets and your respective authority to approve or block such sales is determined.

    What most people consider "restraining orders" thanks to TV shows and cop dramas are more-specifically known as "protection orders."  These are the ones placed on abusive spouses and crazy stalkers to keep them physically away from your or separated from your affairs.  An actual crime is not required but there must be tangible harm or threat created by a repeated pattern of behavior.

    So could you get a protection order because you don't like her and find her unbearable?  No...not likely.  But if you can prove a pattern of behavior (dozens of threatening voicemails and emails sent over the course of a few days, for example), you may have a case.

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    So, you're a psychiatrist who can diagnose mental illnesses?

    Or just seeing yourself reflected in her behaviour?

    Restraining orders come from the courts, and usually just require a reasonable belief that the person being restrained will interfere in your life in some way -- no crime required, but there really must be a reason for the belief not a layman's psychobabble which is probably wrong anyways.

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    Ask a lawyer. .................

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