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Does this outfit looks too dressy for class (college) if you tends to go for a "smart casual" type of look?

I'm not from US, so of course things like dress codes might be a bit different, but I talking about the FORMALITY, not the dress codes, because my college do not have one (it's more of a trade/vocational school for young adults). I do not wear jeans, leggings, yoga pants,type of stuff that many student seems to wear regardless which country they are from. I like to dress up without looking like I'm going to a business meeting...

and yes, my style is influenced a lot by the 80s, so I don't mind the Micheal Jackson/Madonna vibe (which some people associate my style with). My parents bought the military style knit blazer when they were on a trip and i own a pair of flared pants that are kind of like jazz pants but more thick and tailored (ponte knit fabric), which make the outfit resemble a pants suit, but since it's a knit fabric does it look that formal just because it's black and same fabric?


Sigh, same as always on here: "If I don't like it, you can't wear it unless it's Halloween". I'm only asking about whether it dressier than smart casual outfit, not whether you like it or not... I wear even clothes that are launched at Halloween such as skeleton motifs and wear them for everyday wear, but that doesn't mean I would wear a ball gown to college. lol Not everyone like to dress like clones.

Update 2:

Academic casual was a nice way to call it, as that is sort of the dressiness I'm after for daytime wear(loafers, trousers over jeans, sneakers). Mostly seen military style blazers worn with more formal bottoms or with jeans which is not really "me" but i do like black/grey distressed/acid jeans like this person wear:

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    In my personal opinion, I think it's a little too dressy for class, yes. This would look nice for a semi-formal dinner, or other engagement like that, but a little on the dressy side for class.

    If you still like the style, maybe you can find something without the cuffs and fewer buttons, and a straight leg pant instead of the flared. That would tone it down to Smart/Academic casual. When I think of Smart/Academic casual, I think peacoats, tailored trousers, plaid/tartan, wool, corduroy, loafers or flats, maybe a nice ankle or mock-riding boot, that kind of thing. This would look lovely for a nice dinner, though. 

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    It looks fine.

    However you are not going to wear the same thing every day are you.

    You will need something smart casual for every day of the week.

    You could try some of these smart casual outfits.

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

    You will need some fake tan for Wednesdays maybe.

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    As a student? In the US? It is way too dressy/formal.  It is even over the top for a professor at a U.S. University. 

    Of course, you may wear whatever you want to wear, but you certainly won't fit in or look like you want to. 

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    I would say that is too formal to wear, you look like you're an old lady in that to be honest... lol if it didn't have ridiculous gold cuffs, you could pull it off, just wear it unbuttoned with a black turtleneck underneath

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    The only thing you can wear that outfit for is Halloween.  Otherwise, its pretty ridiculous looking for everyday wear.  Sorry.

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