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What are signs that your is I'd lower than average?


Sorry in mean iq is lower than average

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    IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient.It is a number representing a score on one of the accepted, standardized IQ tests. The only sign of a lower than average IQ would be a score of less than 100 on one of these tests. In practice, a score is not labeled "Below Average" until it approaches 85.

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    Difficulty in adapting to new situations, difficulty in problem-solving, magical thinking (seriously thinking you're going to grow money on trees & to believe you will one day develop a super power to defeat your opponents), being easily tricked, failing to consider the complexities of something. For example the dynamics of dating: a guy thinks that girls only date guys with money. The hotter the girl, the richer a guy has to be to get her.

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    You mean iq friend it's not how high your iq is it's are you trained to use what you have let's take for example the 16-bit chip in an old Atari computer. Now try to play those same games on the modern 32-bit computer. It's bigger it's got more everything but it just can't do the job it's the same thing with your IQ you may have a lower IQ but it may be a trained more efficiently to do the job then somebody with a much higher IQ

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    Signs include difficulty learning new material or retaining information, difficulty figuring out what things mean, extreme gullibility and willingness to believe things for which there is little or no evidence, having trouble understanding things that you read, hear or are told. Things like that. General intelligence covers a wide range.

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    Voting for a wealthy politician who promises to care about the average worker.  Reading a newspaper and believing that they are simply reporting the news without fear or favour.  Watching and enjoying competitive sport or TV soap operas.  A low IQ is all about the lack of critical thinking.

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    A complete lack of basic spelling skills is definitely a sign.  Just sayin'.

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    I'd is short for "I would". So what does this mean??

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    A huge sign is the inability to type a short sentence without making at least two errors

  • 1 month ago

    The wording of your question, for starters.

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