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How to get over my cat dying?

On Friday he didn’t come home I automatically knew, my other half was like don’t be silly, but this was meowed every time I called him, he used to run up to me, everytime, I’d had him since birth along with his sister, i loved them so much, but then my circumstances changed and I couldn’t have them for 2 years, I fought hard to save enough money to buy them a place to live but it was too late for his sister as she had passed away apparently killed by a dog, then I finally got my cat back, I was overjoyed, he used to sleep on the end of the bed every night but recently he just wanted to go outside, I live in the middle of nowhere, but unfortunately a neighbour said a cat had died and a vets had posted, I went to collect him, frozen, blood on his face, I kissed him and stroked him then buried him in a plant pot, I just feel like such a rubbish cat owner, I loved him to pieces and I feel like this is all my fault, if I had better circumstances, if I wasn’t selfish at times then maybe both of them would still be here and not dying within a 2 year period, how do other people get over this?

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  • reme_1
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    1 month ago

    It will take time but please don't jump into adopting another car too soon. Give yourself some time.

  • TB12
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    1 month ago

    There are people here that can help, they helped me when my dog passed last month,,


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