Do renal, liver and haemotology tests tell you about any hormone deficiencies u have?

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  • 2 months ago
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    directly no.. we would need specific tests for specific group of hormones or specific tests that tells us about a specific gland activity.. for example we run the TFT Thyroid function test, to measure for T3 & T4 Thyroid hormones levels.. and we measure the blood sugar in the blood, to measure the activity of the Pancreas and its hormone, Insulin.. `


    renal, liver and haemotology tests, can be helpful indirectly - in particularly the Liver Function test LFT since most hormones are destroyed/recycled at the liver - like a plastic bottle that gets recycled after it has done its job.. if the liver is damaged or impaired, it may explain the excess amounts of hormones still remain in circulation..

    hormonal deficiencies can cause deterioration in Renal function tests and liver function tests.. it may cause haematological changes in the long run.. but such conclusions are heavily dependent on what doctors are looking for.. the lack of Insulin hormone production (seen in certain type of Diabetes Mellitus) can cause liver and renal (kidneys) damage in the long run..

    from the first glance, your question is similar to "will a warrant, a gun and/or a police badge help you catch the murderer?", directly no but they can be helpful indirectly at certain specific scenarios..

    but if the doctors decide to conduct a specific test, like the TFT, Sex Hormones levels, GnRH levels and hCG level tests - now the question becomes more specific "will the DNA help catch the murderer? will the video evidence help to convict the murderer in court?"

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    2 months ago

    To some extent but hormone testing is exclusive in its own right

  • 2 months ago

    Renal and liver tests wont show hormone deficiencies, you need a blood test especially for hormone deficiency

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