What should I do?

Well, I have been trying to speak English for years, but I'm human-being and sometimes I make some mistakes.

One day I was talking to a woman and at a point of the conversation I said "walkside" instead of sidewalk. Another day, if I'm not mistaken was in 2016, I attended to an English class and the teacher asked "What kind of food do you like the most?" and I answered "I like to eat kitchen", instead of chicken.My mother language is Portuguese.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    At one time in my teaching career I taught a group of North African students. Naturally their first language was Arabic. 

    All of them told me they had difficulty in remembering which was which between    "chicken" and "kitchen", because in Arabic the consonants have much more value than vowels. To them "chicken" sounded like "ch-kn" and "kitchen" like "k-chn". Practically interchangeable. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    What you're talking about is called Spoonerism, after a Protestant minister named Spooner who was known for transposing syllables when he talked, such as "it's an old American kissdom to cuss the bride."

    I remember being horribly embarrassed when I was a high school student trying to sell tickets to a Thanksgiving dance called the Turkey Trot.  I was very shy and it took all my effort to ask a football player if he wanted to buy a "turket to the Ticky Trot."

    I still occasionally do that, but I just make a joke of it.  You should too.  No big deal.  

    :  )

  • Brisco
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    4 weeks ago

    When I'm learning a language and a particular word doesn't stick in my memory, I get a sheet of paper and write that word 10, 20, 50 or 100 times until it sticks.  For example:

    frango = chicken

    frango = chicken

    frango = chicken

    frango = chicken

    frango = chicken 

    Do this repeatedly over several days, and repeat the following week(s) if necessary. 

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