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If masks don't protect me but protect others from me then why should I have to wear one?

If it is only protecting others and not me then why should I care? 


Stryder: Why should I have to protect others. I don't care about them. If it is not going to protect me I shouldn't have to wear it. 

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    I don't want to wear a mask but I do. I have a child. I don't think anything is going to kill him if I don't wear a mask. I'd rather not find out though one way or the other.

    Mask and social distancing mandate or not just stay TF away from me and everything is good.

  • 2 months ago

    It DOES protect you as well. 

  • J
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    2 months ago

    The same reason drunk driving is illegal. You shouldn’t have to be told to care about others. Why are some people so selfish?

  • 2 months ago

    You wear it to protect others. But you can still catch it, from 1 - people not wearing masks. 2 - people not wearing them properly. 3 - if you touch a surface that has the covid bacteria on it and rub your nose/mouth, a mask is a barrier to stop the bacteria. And 4, if that's the thinking for most folk, this second wave is gonna be more of a killer. 

    Edit - you don't protect others then it means it keeps spreading, maybe to someone you love and then they die or spend a month in critical condition. Which also means more lockdowns/restrictions (pubs now shutting at 10 in UK) and fines, panic buying etc. If everyone helped stop the spread then it means things go back to normal sooner. I Def hate the masks and everything else but they do more good in the long run. It's not about being a sheep, it's about trying to be safe. If you stop wearing a mask then so be it just don't complain if there's a tighter lockdown or your mum/dad etc catch it and die. Easy. 

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