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Will the DNC hire a man to claim he was raped at a party 40 years ago by Justice Amy Coney Barrett?

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    Auditions are already being held.

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    No   It didn't work last time, so this time they will just pepper the news with statements of "how unethical" it is that they dare to do what they are allowed to do with the democraps don't want them to.  Those big mean kids on the R team don't play the way we want them too and they don't even care   It's not fare.  They are following the rules but they didn't know she would  die before November or the demcoraps.would have changed the rules.  It's just not fair.

  • Is that who she was?  She told me she was a law student and if I didn't cooperate, she'd kneel on my neck.

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