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Do you ever, did you ever, have you ever. What's the difference? ?


And when to use them? It's not a homework, trust me. 

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    Do you ever...? = Is it your occasional habit to....?

    Did you ever....? = Is that something you have done at some time in the past?

    Have you ever....?  =  Is that something you have done in the (more recent) past?

    They can  be used at times which seem suitable for the forms of my descriptions.

    There is possibly a slight hint that the speaker might think that you have not done those things, or that you are not in the habit of doing them. But only a slight hint.

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    Do you ever ... ?  Is this something that you sometimes do?

    Did you ever ... ? Did you do this at some specific period in the past? (eg, While you were a child, did you ever skip school? When you lived in Paris, did you ever go to the opera?)

    Have you ever ... ? Have you done this at ANY time in your whole life up to this moment?

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    You have to learn verbs.  It would be far too lengthy to try to respond and teach you here.  They involve concepts of time and it's extremely unlikely that you'd be able to learn by a Yahoo Answers question.  "do you / did you / have you" are all completely different.  Students take an entire semester (or longer) to learn grammar like this.  It requires repeated exercises over a long period of time. 

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    Do you ever: means if you do something in the present, example - do you ever do the laundry? 

    Did you ever: means if you ever did something before, example - did you ever do the laundry?

    Have you ever: means if you have ever been something or if you've ever been to somewhere, examples - have you ever been drunk? - have you ever been to Chicago?

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  • 1 month ago

    Ask any lawyer.   Little words can make a big difference.   "Do" is present tense, meaning in this very moment.   "Did" is past tense, something you did long ago, but maybe never did again.  "Have you ever" covers your whole existence.

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    do your own homework...

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