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Why is there black privilege in Korea?

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  • Andrew
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    2 months ago

    If you're going to begin with a false premise there's no answer to the question. What "black privilege"? US soldiers that happen to be black certainly don't have it anywhere near as easy as their white counterparts. Foreigners who come to Korea to study who happen to be black are certainly not treated anywhere near as well as those who are white. And foreigners who come here to work who happen to be black face many more obstacles than whites do. Not to mention that ALL foreigners - even those who are ethnically Korean, i.e.: people of Korean descent who don't hold Korean citizenship, are treated as second-class citizens here. What possible advantage could there be to being a black person in this country? I've been here for many years and am a permanent resident. I've known a fair number of blacks who have lived here for lengthy periods of time and not a single one has ever remarked that it's better to be black than white in Korea. Ever. Korea is one of the most homogeneous societies on this planet, and the ethnocentrism and outright, blatant, unbridled, and unapologetic racism is plain for all to see. Only a person who never once set foot in this country could possibly believe the nonsense you're on about.   

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