Too late to become stress free when 38 years old??

I'm 38, and I've had chronic stress for decades. But recently, I made up my own MINDFUL JAM, loosely inspired by KonMari, Gabor Mate and Peter Wohlleben. ..........My mindful jam solved the problem. 

But I wonder: What if I discovered my mindful jam too late? What if I had a tumor in my body already long time before I discovered my MINDFUL JAM?? Or what about the other stress-related diseaes whose early symptoms are too mild to be felt? (alzheimers, some heart conditions). 

So merely getting stress-free is very good, but not good enough. Feels like the body should erase its entire past. Othervise getting stress-free would be like trying to repair an house which has been so broken for years it's gonna fall down no matter what. The "mindful jam" would not prevent it from falling.So even after solving a lasting problem, one of its consequences could still haunt you.............. Thats what worries me.  Like for example, if Alzheimer has alredy started developing in my brain long before i finally became stress-free.

Is it possible that at last being stress free might cause any tumor to get smaller and smaller? And also reverse those other diseases?

I choose belieing there's no such thing as "to late", but i'll give ya 10 points if ya tell me why

1 Answer

  • k w
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Calisthenics......only you know what to do to be as stress free as possible

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