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When Republicans play by the rules, Democrats threaten to change them.?

For those keeping track, here’s a list of Democratic Party “norms” for placing new justices on the Supreme Court of the United States, as they stand today:

Norm #1: When Democrats are in charge of both the Senate and the White House, they are free to nominate and confirm any justice they please, as quickly as they please, as they did in the cases of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan.

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    Democrats just make up rules as they go along.

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    Democrats aren't threatening to change the rules; Republicans changed the rules.

    Democrats play by the rules -- both the rules that were in the Constitution and the rules that McConnell made up.  Republicans didn't play by either.

    Now, Republicans are threatening to break the rules that they themselves created, which was no confirmations in an election year.

    According to the rules that existed until 2016, there would have been a vote on Garland.

    McConnell made a change in 2016 to block Garland, and according to McConnell's changed rule, there can be no confirmation now.

    Playing by the pre-2016 rules that are in the Constitution, Scalia would have been replaced before Trump took office.

    Playing by the post-2016 rules that Republicans made, RBG wouldn't be replaced until after January 20.

    Either way, by either set of rules, Trump would be getting only two nominations before January 20.

    Trump nominating a third Justie now, replacing both Scalia and RBG, isn't playing by the rules, not the real ones, and not the McConnell ones either.

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    The rules are that individuals vote for Presidents and members of Congress, and the President nominates people to sit on the SCOTUS.  There is an established time-table for people to vote, but there is no rule about when to nominate for a member of the Supreme Court - that is done when there is a vacancy.  That is the simple truth of the matter.  Politics and practices may get involved and each side has different opinions when they have a majority in Congress.  So members of Congress sound whiny and hypocritical from time to time because they act like spoiled brats, but hey, that is politics.

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    Mitch McConnel has said 5 times, that he can't allow SCOTJUS nominations in an election year. That's a REPUBLICAN RULE that he now wants to ignore for some reason.

    The reason he wants to ignore it is simple,  he knows that he and Trump won't be reelected. So if they don't rush a new judge in, they won't be able to make the supreme court mostly conservative, rather than balanced and fair.

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  • Juana
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    4 weeks ago

    Republicans in 2016: "Use our word against us."

    Republicans in 2020: "Our word means nothing to us."

    Also Republicans in 2020: "Vote for us."

    Good luck with that.

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    SPOT ON TRUTH..yeah !



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    Everyone knows that a sitting president has the right to nominate a SC justice. But when Republicans make up a rule that "close to an election" (i.e. in Feb of an election year) presidents all of a sudden do not, then it naturally applies to GOP presidents as well, don't you think? You can't have it both ways. At least not if you want to appear halfway honorable.

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    Is it opposite day again?

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