My child is driving a wedge between me and my partner?

I have a 10 year old from my previous relationship and he doesn’t really see his dad much maybe few time’s a year, Iv been with my fiancé for almost 4 years and we have a child together, my 10 year old is having these violent outbursts when he is shouting and screaming and often swearing at my younger child, there is no jealously I treat them all the same and my 10 year old just had a great fun filled weekend as it was his birthday so all the attention was on him all weekend and a lot of money spent on him and he loved it then last night he kicked off and head butted my younger child because he went to touch one of his toys, I told him I was taking his phone off him again and he began swearing at me and ran at me to I guess attack me, I stopped him to protect myself he’s he’s only 10 but he’s pretty much the same size as me, then he began swearing at my partner. My partner has said he’s had quite enough of this now and needs to have a serious think about our future. Iv phones the doctors today to get an appointment for my child to talk about these outbursts. What can I do? 

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  • 1 week ago

    Hi i know this is such a challenging topic. I know it well as my family is a blended family as well. Our kids were teenagers when we got married. We read and article that said making a step family work is like having a map of one place and trying to use it in another. So that wasn't very encouraging but we found articles that helped us to see the reality of our family and they helped us to work through the differences. Patience, patience and more patience is required. Below I have attached the link to some articles that helped us.

    The Unique challenges of step families

    What if my parents remarry (something to help you understand what your 10year old may be feeling)

    I hope this helps I have more if your ever interested.

  • L
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    4 weeks ago

    SERIOUSLY???  Your 10-year old NEEDS your attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LizB
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    4 weeks ago

    Seeing your child's pediatrician is a good first step, because it's possible that either your son has some undiagnosed behavioral disorder, or he would benefit from a good family therapist (which your pediatrician can refer you to). Either way you need to work on getting on top of this behavior NOW before he's a teenager and has a hurricane of testosterone behind these outbursts. He needs to learn appropriate methods of expressing his emotions (the therapist can help with that), as well as outlets for releasing aggression that are controlled and don't run the risk of hurting anyone.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I would drive a wedge between two things I wish to separate, that's how simple machines work!

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