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I feel constipated, no appetite, and my lower back aches unless I take ibuprofen.?

2 nights ago I couldn't go, and I couldn't sleep because my stomach ached. Then the pain spread to my lower back. I took an ibuprofen and the pain went away and I got some sleep. The next day, I had no appetite, and just ate dragon fruit. I figured maybe i was constipated and the last time I ate the stuff it gave me diarrhea. I had no problem passing the dragon fruit through my system but the feeling of needing to go and difficulty passing solid stool remained. I was lathargic and wanted to sleep all day. had to take more ibuprofen to sleep that night when the previous ibuprofen wore off.

today the same thing has been the case. though I have to force myself to eat even dragon fruit. it passes through me within an hour, but i still feel bloated, my back aches (not so much my abdomen anymore) without ibuprofen. Maybe I'm impacted, maybe I've got a gallstone/kidney stone, maybe I've got cancer... I don't know. what should I do? I tried taking some stool softener this morning. I don't know if it would help on stool that's already impacted (assuming that's the issue).

what should I do?


if I'm constipated, or impacted, or blocked, would the dragon fruit still get around? or maybe there's something else wrong with me that only makes it feel like I'm constipated.

Update 2:

I read ibuprofen can worsen constipation but I don't have anything else. I'm actually astounded how quickly my lower back pain disappears after I take one. I wish headaches went away  this quickly. unfortunately the ibuprofen only lasts about 12 hours and the pain comes right back. I'm pretty sure I can't keep taking ibuprofen every  12 hours.

Update 3:

my stomach has began to hurt again 6 hours ago. I'm having to take ibuprofen every 6 hours. i'm going to the hospital in 4 hours... I'd go right now if I could.

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    You should go see a doctor, there could be a blockage or something else going on.  Its probably not cancer based on your description.

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